Hiya everyone.

I interrupt your regularly scheduled programming to bring you the following invitation: 

Starting today, I will be broadcasting several times a week on Periscope for about 10 minutes or so at a time.

What is Periscope, I hear you asking? It's a brand new FREE app owned  by Twitter which lets people live-stream from anywhere in the world. All you have to do is download the free app (available on iOS and Android), create a profile which takes no time at all, follow people, tune in to watch their broadcasts or broadcast yourself. It's a lot of fun.

I will be broadcasting about my interests: food, cocktails, style, beauty, interiors and gardens with some other fun stuff thrown in for good measure.

I hope you'll join me later today.

PS To follow me on Periscope, go to the People icon (bottom right), then click on the magnifying lens (top left) and type in Marie Warne // Mrs. Dalrymple

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Do you travel a lot? It can really be stressful at the best of times with crowds and heightened security. There are some things you can do to make it better, from start to finish. Below are some of my tips for travelling in style. 


  • When you shop around for flights, do it in a private window because some companies will increase prices when they see that you're looking around for airfares. To do this in Safari: click on "file", then click on "new private window" in the drop-down window. On a pc, see the screenshot below
  • When you book a flight, 3 p.m. on a Tuesday is the best time according to studies. You're more likely to get a better deal.
  • When picking your flight dates, the day you leave and the day you return can make a difference in the price you pay. For example, on long-haul flights, you can save up to 20% if you leave on a Thursday and return on a Monday vs. leaving on a Friday and returning on a Saturday.
  • Before booking a flight, check out SeatGuru, which shows you the configuration of every aircraft of every airline. You plug in your flight and they show you a diagram where you can see which seats are best and which seats to avoid.


  • When looking for a nice hotel, it pays to use Magellan Luxury Hotels, a site that gets you better rates on luxury hotels than what the actual hotels can offer you. They can get lower rates than posted rates as long as they don't advertise them on the web. What's best about this service is that it's completely FREE. We've used them about 5 times and have been giddily happy with what they've offered. The destinations they offer their services for are New York, Los Angeles, Miami, London, Chicago, Hawaii, San Francisco, Boston, Denver, Fort Lauderdale, Las Vegas, San Diego, Seattle, Toronto and Washington DC. Hopefully they'll add more international destinations soon.
  • It's wise to check reviews before booking a hotel. I like TripAdvisor because site uses peer reviews, although take them with a grain of salt because some people just like to complain, even about the smallest things.


  • I prefer the "rolling" method of packing my clothes. I roll everything into a tight, neat roll and tidily place everything in my suitcase. I find that I can fit a lot more stuff in my case that way.
  • I always pack an empty laundry bag to store my dirty clothes while I'm away. I always use this one, which I happen to make and sell in my shop (shameless plug).
  • Never ever pack anything in your suitcase that you need on a daily basis, such as medication, electronic devices or important documents, in case your luggage gets lost. Yes, it does happen. Always pack those items in your carry-on bag.
  • In order to maximize space, roll up small items, such as socks, ties, belts, undies and stuff them into your shoes. Then place your shoes in shoe bags, which protect your shoes and the rest of your clothing. Plus, they look great. Find some here.


  • Your carry-on bag is the most important part of your luggage when you travel by air. In it, you should keep any medication that you take on a regular basis, all travel documents, cosmetics which can be stored in this gorgeous Anya Hindmarch inflight case (instead of a ziploc bag).
  • I always travel with this sleep mask which I've found is the best because it completely blocks out light, doesn't squash your eyeballs therefore doesn't disrupt REM sleep and comes in a bevy of cool colours (I have the grey one).
  • There's a wonderfully innovative company that exists called 3FLOZ. They sell loads of TSA-friendly beauty products that are 3 fluid ounces or less so are therefore allowed in your carry-on luggage. I could see myself getting really carried away on that site. Beware.
  • If you can, pack your own earphones/earbuds so you don't have to rent the airline's. Yuck.
  • I always bring a pashmina (I know, so dated)  that I roll up in my carry-on because I'm always cold and the thought of the airline blanket on my skin gives me the willies.


  • Yes, I'm one of those people who removes my makeup and applies a hydrating mask on long-haul flights. I certainly wouldn't dare wear a sheet mask for fear of frightening the other passengers. I always pack this lip balm and this hand cream in my carry-on and apply it liberally during the flight.
  • Watch the glorious make-up artist Lisa Eldridge's video of her beauty routine.
  • Make sure to bring reading material, either a good book or some magazines you want to catch up on. Long-haul flights can be so boring, especially if you can't sleep onboard like me.
  • If you're bringing a tablet, there's plenty you can download ahead of time to look at off-line, such as Pocket, which is an app (free on iOS and Android)  that lets you save articles of interest to read offline, later. I stock up on different articles ahead of time, which does take a bit of planning, and then read them onboard.
  • You can also download podcasts, movies or books on tape to watch/listen to on a flight if you don't like the selection of in-flight entertainment.


  • I hate drinking water but I always buy the largest size bottle I can once I've gone through security and try to drink as much as possible to stay hydrated. I know everyone says that you shouldn't drink alcohol, but on an overseas flight, I have to confess that I often have wine during dinner – just 2 small glasses though, never more. I don't find it adversely affects me.
  • When flying long-haul, meals and snacks are often provided, but for the most part, they are horrible, verging on inedible. If you can, bring your own (non-smelly) snacks to eat during the flight, things like raw vegetables with hummus or baba ghanoush, berries, fruit salad, wrap sandwiches, but for heaven's sake, nothing like hard-boiled eggs or tinned sardines please.


  • Always carry a pen with you in your handbag or carry-on for filling out immigration forms. If you can, carry a few extra so you can lend them out to your fellow passengers who have forgotten theirs. PS do not bring a fountain pen. I once brought my Montblanc fountain pen in my handbag and the ink exploded everywhere because of the cabin pressure. Big mess.
  • If you're going to take a sleeping pill, make sure to wait until you're well in the air at cruising altitude before taking it. I know someone who took it earlier and was completely dozey when they had to return to the gate while taxiing and disembark because of mechanical problems. Yikes.
  • If you want to be disgusted and have a good laugh at the same time, check out Passenger Shaming, a site that posts photos of the horrible habits of passengers taken by flight attendants and other passengers.

Do you have any favourite tips for flying or travel in general? Let me know in the comments section.



We all have things that bring us joy, some big, some small. They don't have to be expensive, hell, they don't even have to be tangible. Do you enjoy the outdoors or are you a bookworm who loves to read indoors? 

I've created my encyclopedia of living well. These are things that give me pleasure on a daily basis. 

What things would be in your encyclopedia of living well? Let me know in the comments below.

A is for art: I really enjoy art, especially modern art. A current favourite is the Québecoise  Marie-Josée Roy

B is for boxwood: a common theme in our front and back garden. Versatile, simple and evergreen. A favourite designer's vision of boxwoods is Anouska Hempel

C is for cocktails: although I mostly drink wine, I do rather enjoy a cocktail. This one looks so appropriate for autumn, don't you think?  "The Red Queen" from Supergolden Bakes

D is for details: a website that I never get tired of visiting, one that showcases creative people and their projects.  Yatzer

E is for earrings: well, what can I say, Céline. One of my favourites for their originality and simplicity.  Céline 

F is floors: I'm not a fan of wall-to-wall carpet, but I do adore patterned floors, especially wood in a herringbone pattern.  kattyshiebeck

G is for grey: a lovely coat in my favourite clothing colour by a wonderful designer. Stella McCartney

H is for handbags: a good handbag, like a great pair of shoes, really makes the wo(man).  Valentino

I is for intaglios: decorative accents to embelllish any space.  Houzz

J is for juniper: what's nicer than a gin + tonic in the garden on a summer evening?  Hendrick's gin

K is for kaftan: I bought this gorgeous silk and cashmere kaftan while in England in July. It's the most wonderful thing to put on after a bubble bath. I'll be wearing it a lot as the weather gets colder.  Shibumi

L is for London: London and New York are tied for being my favourite city. There's so much to see and do in London, including the window-shopping and people-watching at Burlington Arcade

M is for magazines: I'm an unabashed magazine fiend. I subscribe to 10 different ones and I'm not ashamed. They are usually read in the tub in the evening, with the exception of the September issue of Vogue due to its hefty size.  [unknown source (sorry to the photographer)]

N is for New York: tied for first place with London for favourite city. Many, many things to do, much of them free. Babble

O is for organizing: I'm a bit of a neat freak and a compulsive organizer.  Design Sponge

P is for packaging: if it's good and it's packaged in a way that appeals to me, I'll buy it. Form meets function. Sunday Suppers

Q is for quick dinners: delicious recipe from the Queen herself, Donna Hay

R is for reading: currently on my nightstand (with 5 others):  "The Dust That Falls From Dreams" by Louis de Bernières, an epic tale of love and war by the author of Captain Corelli's Mandolin

S is for sheets: check out my recent blog post here for gushing reviews of these pure linen sheets. Eileen Fisher.

T is for travel: I'm more of an armchair traveller at the moment because of work and family, but not forever. Conde Nast Traveller

U is for unique: I seek out original, unique items or ways of doing things. I never want to be the same as anyone else. I know, psychoanalysis perhaps? Here's a great tutorial on how to make a paper starburst pendant light

V is for Veranda: one of my favourite decor magazines to which I subscribe. Drool-worthy eye-candy. Veranda magazine

W is for Windsor Smith: a wonderfully talented interior designer whose work I follow closely.  Windsor Smith

X is for xylophone: I love jazz and I love Spotify where you can stream any music, any time. Fabulous.

Y is for yellow: if you check out my Pinterest decor boards, you'll notice the white theme although I do love a pop of colour, especially yellow, which really brightens up a room. The Kitchn

Z is for zest: these chocolate-dipped candied pieces of orange rind are in my "to make soon" file.  Food Network

I hope you enjoyed a peek into some of the things I love. I'd really like to hear what you would have in your encyclopedia.

Have a wonderful week and tune in next Monday for more from Mrs. Dalrymple.

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