Today, my daughter Emma has to go to the hospital for tests to see if she needs treatment (again) for her ITP.  Her platelet levels keep falling and if they get below 10 000, she'll need an intravenous infusion which lasts anywhere from 4 to 6 hours.  I've packed a bag with her comfort in mind, bearing in mind the potential side-effects of treatment:  chills, fever and headache.  Lap duvet ✓, comfy oversized sweater ✓, laptop with dvds ✓, magazines ✓ and snacks ✓.

A lot of us take comfort in food, for the right and sometimes wrong reasons.  There's emotional eating, which can be bad, but there's also food that makes you feel like you've been wrapped in a warm embrace.  A lot of times, these foods are from our childhoods; foods our Mums or Grandmas used to make.

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 What are your comfort foods?  Are they symbolic to you in any way?