Amethyst, Violet, Lavender, Plum......

My favourite colour has always been green, although lately, I've really been enjoying purple, a colour that I never really had an affinity for before. Below is a picture of the vestibule, which measures about 4' x 4'.  The walls are painted crisp white and the ceiling is painted grey which has purple tones in it.  Facing the artwork wall is a closet which we recently changed to a mirrored one in order to visually expand the space.  I wish we could make the whole area bigger, but it's impossible, so we have to make it appear bigger.  The fact that it's painted white has helped a lot as has the mirror.

I bought 2 IKEA shelves which I installed side by side with no gap.  I also picked up 5 vases from HomeSense which were on liquidation for between $3 and $5 each which I display on the shelves.  I only have 4 vases left because James bent down to put on his boots, got up and banged his head on the shelf, knocking one of the vases to the floor where it was smashed to smithereens.  All this about 2 hours before our huge dinner party.  Whether or not James split his head open was not my main concern; having to pull out the vacuum cleaner and tidy up the mess was.