Love Is All Around Us

I follow a lot of blogs and there have been Valentine's Day posts for about 2 weeks now.  Wish lists, homemade card ideas, heart-shaped cake recipes and Valentine's Day outfits.  Although romance is important, to me it's not what counts in a long-term relationship. I've been married (to the same man!) for close to 20 years.  We've laughed together, cried together, made love, made war, shared meals and shared countless intimate moments like eating ice cream in our pyjamas snuggled under a blanket watching a movie.  Those moments are my Valentine's Day - every day.

When I saw this cartoon, it really spoke to me.  The only thing about it is that I would be the angry one holding the umbrella because I have a hot temper but I get over it very quickly and I'm a forgiving person by nature.  My husband James doesn't get angry very often and he's always very gentle and full of kind gestures.

Here's to love, here's to romance, here's to Valentine's Day......every day.