Scarborough Fair - Part II

I started a limited series on fresh herbs last week.  This week's featured herbs are thyme, rosemary, coriander (cilantro) and tarragon.  They're all really versatile and can last a long time in the fridge, especially the woodier herbs like thyme and rosemary.  To keep coriander and tarragon fresh longer, I wrap them, stalks and all, in wet, wrung-out paper towels and I put them in a large ziploc bag.  They'll keep this way for at least a week. thymeTHYME

- a woody, perennial herb that grows well in the garden and stays fresh for a long time. - it can be used either fresh or dried in cooking - it is one of the main ingredients in za'atar, a Middle Eastern spice blend consisting of thyme, sesame seeds, sumac and salt. - it is often used as part of a "bouquet-garni" in French cooking; a little bundle of fresh herbs that are tied together with string or bundled in cheesecloth and added to flavour soups, stocks or stews - thyme contains the essential oil thymol, which is an antiseptic.


- rosemary is a woody perennial herb native to the Mediterranean region. - the needlelike rosemary leaves are used in primarily Mediterranean cooking. - it is high in iron, calcium and some B vitamins. - rosemary has a very old reputation of improving memory.


- coriander, also known as cilantro, is an annual herb.  I have a really hard time growing it because it always goes to seed so quickly. - it is often most associated with Mexican cooking when in fact it is used by many cultures such as Chinese, African and Portuguese. - coriander is one of those polarizing herbs which people either love or hate (they claim it tastes like soap).   I'm in the former category.


- tarragon has a mild anise flavour and is delicious paired with poultry. - there are 2 kinds of tarragon:  French tarragon and Russion tarragon.  Make sure to buy French tarragon which is the most flavourful and best for cooking. - tarragon is the main flavouring component of Béarnaise sauce and is also used to make tarragon vinegar, which is delicious in salad dressings