This week has just flown by.  We had a Monday morning appointment at the hospital with Emma where we were expecting her to be treated for her low platelets.  Well lo and behold, her platelets went up by 1000 so no treatment was needed.  That bit of good news set the tone for the upcoming week.  I did several classes at the gym and I'm so sore. When will it get easier?  Luckily, my waistband is getting looser which is great.

Here are a few things that captivated my attention this week:

N˚ 1  I will definitely be buying this new concealer from Benefit when it's launched sometime in March.  I love Benefit for their products and for their tongue-in-cheek humour in naming their products.

N˚ 2 Gretel Design is a beautiful site where you can buy gorgeous, original modern items for your home.  I especially love these.

N˚3  I just finished reading this book which the love story of 2 teenagers with cancer who meet at a cancer support group.  It's so moving and beautifully written.  I highly recommend it.

N˚ 4  Following on Pinterest this week:  Lauren Santo Domingo

N˚ 5  What I'll be making this month:  pappardelle with lamb ragù.

Have a fantastic weekend everyone.