The Red Lip

A lot of people are afraid of red lipstick.  I believe that everyone can wear it.  There's a shade and formula for all.  Some are sheer, just a subtle wash of colour.  Some are very matte and very bright.  The choice is yours.  There are blue-reds, pink-reds and orange-reds.  You'll probably find that one will suit you better than another depending on your colouring: skin, eyes and hair.  As a general rule (but don't forget, rules are made to be broken!), orangy-red lipsticks work best on women with yellow-based skin tones, such as olive skin.  Blue-red lipsticks generally work best on women with cool toned skin.  You have to experiment with reds until you find one that gives you the wow factor. The lipstick used in this demo is M-A-C's "Ladybug", which is a yellow-toned red and is very sheer.  A light swipe will give you just a wash of colour but you can also build it up to create and darker, more intense lip.  The model is a 16 year old girl who is just starting to experiment with red lipstick so this is the perfect one to start with.



clockwise:  start off by using some lipbalm.  I used Baume de rose By Terry.  Next, apply the lipstick with a light touch right from the tube.  Then, touch up any missed spots (lightly) with a lipliner.  I used this one from Sephora in "The Red", which is a bright, neutral red.  The finished product is a subtle pop of colour that goes really well with jeans and a t-shirt.