Harbingers Of Spring

I was out in our garden this weekend rummaging around and look what I found lurking beneath mounds of dead leaves?  This is such an exciting time of year for me when I see the new growth in the garden.  It's a promise of things to come. I always have a lot of grand ideas in spring - moving plants around, pruning boxwoods into spheres, redesigning certain areas of the garden.  I know myself well enough that I have to get everything done before the heat and humidity sets in here in Montreal in July (and August).  I'm useless in the heat - I wilt just like some of my beloved flowers. Do you enjoy gardening?  Any plans for your garden this year?  Do tell.  I'd love to hear about it.

hellebore ivy magnoliadiptychcrocusdiptychsnowdropdiptychscilladiptychcolumbine


[ All photographs taken by me unless otherwise stated ]


Yesterday afternoon, there were explosions at the Boston Marathon.  People died and many many were injured.  I hope they and their loved ones find solace and peace through the outpouring of love the world is offering.  Bless them all.