Happy St-Jean!

Today is a holiday in Quebec:  St-Jean-Baptiste Day.  It has become a symbol of Quebec separatism but hey, even though I don't agree with them, it's a holiday. One of the most divine Québecois foods I know is poutine:  a savoury mélange of french fries, fresh mozzarella cheese curds and brown gravy.  It's perhaps an acquired taste, but any native Québecer will know where to get the best one.

poutine[  image source  ]

poutine1[  Pinterest  ]

poutine2[  Au Pied de Cochon foie gras poutine  ]

poutine3[  La Banquise poutine  ]

poutine5[  Chuck Hughes's lobster poutine  ]

Wash it all down with......


[  The Real Thing - Coca Cola  ]